Conspiracy Theorists Say Tupac Still Alive As New Footage Shows Rapper With Kids

Conspiracy theorists believe image proves Tupac is aliveWired Up TV/YouTube/PA Images

Its been over two decades since Tupac Shakur lost his life in a Las Vegas shooting but conspiracy theorists are still convinced the rapper is alive.

New evidence suggesting Tupac is secretly still with us seems to crop up every few months, with dozens of sightings supposedly having taken place since his death in 1996.

The latest revelation appears to come in the form of some sort of family photo shared in a video by Wired Up TV, a YouTube channel which regularly posts videos claiming the American is alive.

The image shows a bald man wearing a leather jacket and looking towards the ground as he carries a female child on his back. Two young boys smile and pose at the camera.

Though we can only see the side of the mans face, he appears to have a beard similar to the one Tupac sported while he was alive.

Its difficult to tell how old the man in the image is; Tupac was 25 when he died. In reality, theres very little evidence to go off other than the fact the man somewhat resembles the rapper, but conspiracy theorists are convinced the image is of a now-middle-aged Tupac.

Image supposedly proves Tupac is aliveWired Up TV/YouTube

If the person in the photo was Tupac, it would appear he has a pretty nice life involving three cute kids and hes clearly not that bothered about revealing to the world that hes actually alive; Im sure he would have done that by now if he felt so inclined.

So its unlikely hed allow this photo to get taken, knowing it would cause these kinds of theories to spread like wildfire.

On the other hand, he might enjoy seeing how close people get to the truth.

In the video shared by Wired Up TV, the host commented:

See this picture right here. This pictures going to have the whole internet talking, my people.

This is a picture of Tupac right now. You see him playing with kids. Whose kids are they? We still havent got to into that detail.


While the host admitted theres few details surrounding the image, he said hes doing some research by calling people. Who exactly these people are remains a myRead More – Source

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