Boy makes miraculous recovery after diesel can explodes in his face

Boy makes miraculous recovery after diesel can explodes in his face
Tyler Schultz, now 11, bravely showing of his scars (Picture: Hotspot Media)

A boy who nearly died after a diesel can exploded in his face has made a miraculous recovery.

Tyler Schultz, 11, suffered devastating injuries in 2015 when he tried to set up a pretend campfire with his younger brother Evan at a friend’s home.

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Tyler, who was playing with matches, had found a diesel fuel can on a shelf in the garage, which then exploded.

His friend’s mum had been distracted with her newborn baby.

Doctors said Evan, now 9, probably saved Tyler’s life when he doused him in water after he caught on fire.

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Boy makes miraculous recovery after diesel can explodes in his face
Tyler Schultz suffered the injuries in 2015 (Picture: Hotspot Media)

Tyler from Redfield, South Dakota, USA, has gone on to make an incredible recovery despite suffering third-degree burns to 45% of his body and being fitted with a tracheotomy tube to allow him to breathe.

He has won a 3K race and second place in a wrestling competition.

Mum Amanda Schultz, 35, said: ‘Tyler is such a fighter, he’s had a positive attitude about his recovery since day one.

‘If he wants to achieve something, he sets his mind to it and will do it.

‘He’s so brave and now also helps other burns survivors get their confidence back.

‘I’m so proud of him.’

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Boy makes miraculous recovery after diesel can explodes in his face
Mum Amanda Schultz, 35 pictured with sons L-R – Michael, 13, Tyler, 11, Cameron, 16 and Evan, now 9 (Picture: Hotspot Media)

Tyler was flown by helicopter to a specialist burns unit at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis where he stayed for two months.

He nearly died when doctors removed a tube and he stopped breathing and he also had to have skin grafts.

The youngster’s internal organs were severely damaged in the accident.

He stopped breathing and collapsed again last February at home but doctors eventually resuscitated him after two hours.

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Mrs Schultz added: ‘He wrestles with his tube in and will try anything.

‘His older brother Michael helps speak for him, as he can only manage a whisper – which is quite painful for him.

‘Even though he’s scarred for life, he’s determined not to let his burns hold him back in life.

‘He’s such a fighter and I thank Evan every day for saving his brother’s life.’

Surgeons have since removed part of his rib and grafted it into his airways to help him breathe.

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