Virtue signaling or on brand? New Zealand Green MP cycles to hospital to give birth

A New Zealand Greens minister showed remarkable commitment to her partys environmentalist ethos by getting on her bike and cycling to hospital to give birth.

Minister for Women and Associate Transport and Health Minister Julie Anne Genter posted a photo of herself on Instagram, Sunday morning, standing beside her bike outside Auckland City Hospital.

She revealed in the post that she cycled to hospital, with her partner, so she could be induced into labour. “There wasnt enough room in the car for the support crew,” she wrote, explaining their decision to cycle.

Genter added that the bike ride had put her in the best possible mood and included the hashtags #42weekspregnant #cycling #bicyclesarethebest.

The move has been praised by many, including Genters colleagues. Green Party leader James Shaw described Genters actions as “very on brand.”

A NZ govt Minister rides a bike to hospital to have her baby!!! Just WOW!!!!

All the best @JulieAnneGenter baby and and Peter!!!

— LouieTheRed (@LouieTheRed1) August 19, 2018

Our parliamentary representatives are putting nz on the map again wow and wow

— Mary-Ann de Kort (@matroked) August 19, 2018

However, others viewed it as a virtue signaling stunt and questioned how the baby was going to get home.

Will she be popping the newborn in the basket after the induction and cycling home as well? ?

— Democracymum (@democracymum) August 19, 2018

Guess how Im getting to hospital when I go into labour? Thats right people, in a f…ing car. Stop showing off Julie Anne Genter. Ill be impressed when you ride that bike home again after youve given birth.

— Sarah Leov (@SarahLeov) August 19, 2018

Oh please, how virtue signalling can you get?

— Mazza (@maz_righthand) August 19, 2018

Others described the cycle as “crazy” and dangerous, suggesting that Genter could have injured herself and her baby.

can you imagine what would happen if she arsed off and caused god only knows what injuries. I consider her behavior crazy, unless it was a 20m pretend ride for a photo opportunity.

— alt center right (@jabbawaiuku) August 19, 2018

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