Capitalism has final solved the problem of you having good ideas in the shower

Every single bit of the day is filled with screens, your phone that wakes you up, the same phone you stare at whilst on public transport, the computer in your office, the phone you nose at whilst eating lunch, the TV screen you watch Netflix on and finally the phone you look at before sleeping.

And yet there’s one bit of the day where you mind is clear and free and you have great ideas: the shower.

But hey, capitalism has solved this by giving you the tools to look at your phone or tablet in the shower

She better put on a show for her FBI agent watching

— Juicy J⚡ (@Joey_732) March 5, 2018

But what will all those pockets be used for?

Wow, live porn videos in the shower. Because you know that's all it'll be used for.

— Chip (@stillchip) March 5, 2018

“I’ll just act all sultry whilst washing my hair and checking Slashdot”

The shower is one of my few escapes, so no thank you.

— Brian that is called Brian (@TheLinuxDude_) March 5, 2018

So many features!

@BoingBoing "Now I can facetime Gran, whilst i'm washing my cock."

— Samuel Bepys (@SamuelBepys) March 6, 2018

File this under NO THANK YOU SIR

Available on Amazon if you’re mad.

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